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Currently 44.2 million Americans have student loan debt.


Student loan forgiveness programs are designed to eliminate your loans entirely or drastically lower your payments and forgive unpaid balance.


Yes! In most circumstances we can get your loans out of default, stop wage garnishment, protect your tax refund, restore financial aid and qualify you for loan forgiveness!


In most cases we can. Most wage garnishments go to paying paying collection fees and interest, not the loan. A wage garnishment can continue  indefinitely. To add insult to injury a wage garnishment is not considered a payment so your credit report will only show that your loans are in default. We can help you stop wage garnishment and get you on the way to loan forgiveness.


Yes, student loans actually make a big impact on your credit – whether that impact is positive or negative is determined by your payment activity. You can greatly improve your credit score by making your student loan payments on time, while late or missed payment can adversely affect your score. Either way, your record of student loan payments will influence other lenders decisions about your credit worthiness.


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